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Doug Copeland, Owner
Reception Desk
Member of NFIB
Member of ATRA
We Go Way Back
Shining Tools
Honor Runs in the Family
ASAP Redefined

Copeland, a Vietnam war veteran, a 2nd generation business owner, took over the family-owned mechanic shop in the 80s, now serving the 4th generation of the customers in the North County (Escondido). There is a mechanic working with the Copelands for over 30 years and some over 20 years. Copelands live off their reputation and referrals from customers and other local businesses. 

General Repair

Highly qualified mechanics who have been working with us over decades. Honesty and loyalty run the business.

Building and rebuilding transmissions for 65 years. Nobody rebuilds transmissions like us anymore.

We check and fix everything and anything on your car, make sure your safety, brings reliability, and save your money.

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